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How far off is South Africa from the current season’s targeted grain imports?

by Agbiz economists: Tinashe Kapuya and Wandile Sihlobo on May 24th, 2016|


Wheat – This year, South Africa has to import a record 2 million tons of wheat if the country is to be meet the annual demand of 3.4 million tons. By the end of week 33 (May 7th – […]

It’s “all hands on deck” as the market awaits South Africa’s 5th crop production estimates

by Wandile Sihlobo and Tinashe Kapuya, Agbiz economists, on May 22nd, 2016|

There are a number of data releases this week in the South African agricultural markets. The key one is the National Crop Estimates Committee’s (CEC) fifth production forecasts which are due for release on Thursday, May 26. In the […]

Farmers must manage pricing maze

by Wandile Sihlobo, Agbiz economist on May 17th, 2016|

South Africans along the entire food value chain have borne the brunt of the El Niño induced drought. However, grain producers must not forget to think beyond this ephemeral crisis and its associated high grain prices.

Weather models are already […]

Jobs report shows the resilience of South Africa’s agricultural sector

by Wandile Sihlobo and Tinashe Kapuya, Agbiz Economists on May 11th, 2016|

Earlier this week, Statistics South Africa indicated that the country’s official unemployment rate reached 26.7% in the first quarter of 2016, rising from 24.5% in the previous quarter. This increase in unemployment was on the back of lower production […]

Increased investment in research, and not only trade policy, will save South Africa’s wheat sector

by Wandile Sihlobo and Tinashe Kapuya, economists at Agbiz on May 11th, 2016|

There are some indications that this drier period of El Nino could soon be over, and South Africa might once again enjoy rainfall. In April 2016, the Australian Board of Meteorology noted that there is a 50% chance that […]

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    South African maize imports: Should we prepare for the worse times?

South African maize imports: Should we prepare for the worse times?

by Wandile Sihlobo: Head of Economic and Agribusiness Intelligence and Tinashe Kapuya: Head of International Trade and Investment Intelligence on May 8th, 2016|

South Africa is traditionally a net exporter of maize. However the ongoing drought has led to some significant changes – South Africa is now a net importer of maize for the first time since the 2007/08 season. In fact, […]