Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) went through tough times but the organisation has been restructured and strengthened and is now looking forward to playing a meaningful role in South African society, said Cas Coovadia, CEO of Busa, at the Agbiz congress.

“Busa plays a crucial role in effective engagement with the government structures, such as Nedlac and the Presidential Task Team, in order for such structures to deliver meaningful results. I believe that the implementation of the National Development Plan is of crucial importance to the development of South Africa,” he said.

According to Coovadia, Busa is now a non-profit organisation, instead of an association with no legal standing. A Memorandum of Incorporation governs the company. A new Board and Board sub-committees were elected. The Board met six times between September 2013 and June 2014.

A revised business plan and a sustainable funding model for 2014 were approved. The business plan was further refined and a six-month plan with key deliverables was developed. The priorities detailed in the plan pinpoints Busa’s role in influencing economic, trade, transformation and social policies.

The number of employees was reduced from 22 to 13. Busa also established five technical task teams, responsible for priority areas, namely labour relations, education and training, inclusive growth, infrastructure and the regulatory environment. All task teams have a draft plan of action.

“Busa has since been involved in high-level engagements with government, in order to improve the relationship between business and government – among others to realise the National Development Plan,” Coovadia said.